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BobKat’s Purple Pie Place is a summertime staple in the Black Hills

By Courtney Collen | Posted: Thu 9:28 PM, Jul 13, 2017

It is a summertime staple during a trip to the Black Hills with pie and ice cream to satisfy just about any sweet tooth. It’s pretty hard to miss because the entire building is purple. We stopped by BobKat’s Purple Pie Place along Mount Rushmore Road in Custer during a KSFY One Day Getaway. There, summer and fall are the busy seasons and the only ones. They’re closed for the winter. “We start early, 6:00am, we go until 9:00 at night,” Co-Owner Bob Yehle said. It’s a long day for Bob Yehle and his wife Kathie who work seven days a week. They started baking and serving back in 2009 and couldn’t love it more. “It’s the pie. My wife bakes all the pies everyday. They’re all fresh and homemade,” Bob said. The favorite is a BumbleBerry Pie. Making all of the pies isn’t an easy task. Kathie made 163 pies one day and 108 the next. “We get them ready because we run out and get low on pies,we keep baking pies all day long. Those are the pies ready to go into the oven as we need them,” Kathie said. It’s a good feeling to have people come in and enjoy the pie, the ice cream and the atmosphere. It’s a fun place to be,” Bob said. They both say their Purple Pie Place is more than a colorful building. “The purple building gets the people inside but it’s the people who work here that make the place,” Bob said.

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